Plum 1" Vintage Scalloped Edge Lace Ribbon Trim


Plum 1" Vintage Lace Trim

Vintage old-fashioned charm!

Popular shabby chic lace trim in a 1" width and a large assortment of modern and vintage color options. Beautiful lace trim perfect for weddings, card-making, decor, hair accessories and more!

We love how this lace has one side that is straighter than the opposite scalloped side which is just perfect for making your own lace flowers! Simply gather the straight side with a simple hand-stitch and then adhere to a felt backing. Start attaching the gathered side of the lace ribbon in the center of your felt circle and keep wrapping in a circle in desired tightness. If you wrap tightly, the flower will be full with lots of body or you can wrap loosely for a softer effect.

Width: 1"

100% nylon

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