French Hair Barrettes - 70mm


Metal Barrettes for Hair-Bows

French barrettes are standard for medium to large hair-bows. These barrettes are CPSIA compliant. 

Sizes (Inches are Approx.):  70mm = 2.75"

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I haven't dipped my toes too much into french barrettes so I got these. I wasn't quite expecting the size to be honest but they work great for my bigger fabric bows!
love the french barrette clips I get from the HBC only place I get these
These work perfect for my 6-8" bows and hold up really well. The great value price is icing on the cake
These barrettes are great for bigger bows. At 2.75" they work great for older girls with thicker hair. The quality is excellent, they are easy to work with, and they ship quickly. Thank you!
These are good, but a few of them were not as sturdy as the other sizes. Some of them would not close after opening unless you worked with it a little bit. Still a good value though
Love these clips. They're great for my bUnger stacked bows. Will purchase again for sure
I love them. They are very strong and they hold perfectly on little girls that have thin hair.
I needed these for a large bow order and it was such a releif to get such quality products at an affordable price and fast shipping! Thanks hbc!
Love these French barrettes! Great quality and size selection. I use them on all my cheer bows.
Love these french barrettes! They are great quality and excellent price. I love how HBC has them in so many sizes!
The quality isn't as good as the 80 mm. You have to work with these for a secure closure.
These are a great size for bows!
these are a perfect size!!
Some barrettes I have gotten in the past from other vendors, half of them had rust on the snap part. Not these!!! These are all completely clean like they should be. They are sturdy and amazing! I am glad I decided to take my chances and get two sets! Will not go anywhere else for these or pretty much anything else again :)
I bought two sizes of these French barrettes and loved them. They are sturdy and great quality.
The size selection can't be beat on here. I ordered most of the sizes. At other sites I have only been given one or two size options. Love that I have more choices with Hair Bow Center.