4" Zip Ties


4" Cable Zip Ties

Have you tried finishing a bow center with a zip tie?  If not, this could change everything...

Wrapping, sewing and tying off a bow center very well could be the most labor-intensive part of making a bow, and the least fun! Zip ties put an end to the frustration of needle and thread, and as they don't "snap" like thread is prone to, they are also a stronger and more dependable option, which makes them even sweeter!

Due to the added bulk of the zip tie clasp, these are best suited for bows with a knotted center. They are perfect for cheer bows, dance, and team bows, where they may be subject to rough and tumble activities and need a very strong hold.

To use, finish folding your bow center and simply slide the tie around and insert the tail into the clasp. Pull until slightly snug and then rotate the tie so that the clasp is on the top of the bow, or wherever you prefer. Pull tightly to firmly secure the bow and then snip off the remaining tail. Even easier still, is to slide our large open-centered salon clip over the bow center to hold the folds in place and free both of your hands to finish adding the zip tie.

Zip ties are extremely versatile and have many uses outside of bow-making as well. You will want to keep a pack in the utility drawer, the craft basket, and the garage. You may even start carrying them in your purse!

4" total length

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100 pack- 4 stars 1000 pack- 1 star I have bought several packs of 100 and they were great. Zipped easily. Last time I decided to just get the 1000 pack. They are not the same. Not sure if this is a new supplier or if it is just the larger pack. I know it's a minor thing but when I have 50-60 bows to make in a day, every little thing matters. The zip ties in the 1000 pack are very rigid and require a lot more tugging to get them closed.
these are great hold well and have really helped out with my business
These zip ties are just as good as the more expensive ones I used to buy. Every dime counts!
Exactly what I am looking for. Very inexpensive and the perfect size. Will be buying more when I am done with these.
These are the best I've ever used. Hold well lightweight but strong. Clear goes with everything.
They wok better than any others I've ever tried!
They are sturdy and work exactly the way I need them too.